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Power BI Ops enjoys working with experts throughout the community to bring you the best content and material. We have a core editorial team and invite guests to share their knowledge with our community. You can find out more about all of our contributors below, along with links to their content on our site.

Editorial team

Brent Lightsey

Brent Lightsey is the owner and CEO of FirstLight Analytics and co-founder of Argus PBI.

Brent is the founder of FirstLight Analytics, a team of data and analytics experts who give their clients better ways to see and use information. He's also partnered with Greg to create great tools for Power BI companies, like Argus PBI. He’s been building data solutions for 20 years and leading teams for more than 10.

He enjoys empowering companies to create more value from data so they can focus on what matters most. He also enjoys learning about leadership and technology and following baseball (go Cubs!)

Greg Baldini

headshot of Greg Baldini

Greg Baldini is co-founder of Argus PBI. His career has been spent in data analytics across industries and verticals. He has deep expertise in building and optimizing high-performance analytics solutions. His focus, now, is to help Power BI and Fabric to mature as data platforms by publishing content and building tools for operations and governance.

He slices! He dices! When it comes to data, Greg does it all, and he is here to show you how to, too!

Guest authors

Reid Havens

headshot of Reid Havens

Reid's content at Power BI Ops.

As the founder of Havens Consulting Inc. and a Microsoft MVP, Reid is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in technology, organizational management, and business analytics. With a Master's Degree in Organizational Development and a background in consulting for Fortune 10, 50, and 500 companies, Reid has the knowledge and expertise to help your organization succeed.

In addition to his corporate experience, Reid is also a highly sought-after instructor, teaching Business Intelligence, reporting, and data visualization at the University of Washington and other universities. His passion for education extends beyond the classroom, as he has co-authored the DP-500 Enterprise Azure Analyst certification exam for Microsoft and developed numerous training curricula delivered to companies around the world.

Find more Reid at

Štěpán Rešl

Štěpán's content at Power BI Ops.

Co-founder and current Lead Technical Consultant at DataBrothers and DataPlatform MVP. I am a data lover, especially in the ecosystem of Microsoft tools. I primarily focus on Power BI, Microsoft Fabric, Azure Synapse, and Azure SQL. In general, I follow a very simple motto: Don't say it cannot be done, or someone who doesn't know it will come and do it.

Find more Štěpán at

Steve Campbell

headshot of Steve Campbell

Steve's content at Power BI Ops.

Steve has a background in consulting and a track record of success in the data analytics domain. He most recently ran the Data Analytics team for Cognizant MBG in the EMEA region. 

Currently, Steve is the owner of Sunny BI, a consulting firm specializing in data modernization and consulting services. His firm delivers data modernization and consulting projects with a focus on training and deployment. He focuses on reporting and engineering and is a big fan of Microsoft's latest platform, Microsoft Fabric!

Steve is also a Power BI and Excel trainer. With degrees in Marketing and Finance, he combines technical proficiency with a solid understanding of business acumen. He regularly trains around the world and used to run the Power BI class for University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Steve is a sought-after speaker, and loves to blog on, present globally at conferences, and co-runs the Brew City Power Platform user group.

Find more Steve at

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